Asphodel Works Terminological Dictionary

This is a bidirectional database of specialised terminology from a wide range of fields intended for use by professional users of the English and Bulgarian languages. It does not contain every day vocabulary but offers instead collocations and fixed expressions that the translator or philology/linguistics student should find useful in their work.

The dictionary is compiled from a vast number of sources, most prominent amongst which is the English-Bulgarian Technical Dictionary (Английско-български политехнически речник) first published in the early 1980s. Said dictionary's database has been uploaded to several online resource websites but without amending the dozens of typos, OCR problems, and various other issues found in it ("calculagrap" and "trunion fixture" are among the dozens of errors to have been replicated in all such websites), nor reviewing obsolete Bulgarian spelling that has since fallen out of use or has been completely abandoned, e.g. "въздействувам", which was changed to "въздействам" in the early to late 1990s. Many other terminology resources have been "harvested" to include here as well, supplementing the thematic richness of the dictionary with fields such as Culinary, Sports & Gambling, Patent Law and General Law, Textile, Real Estate, Turissm & Travel, and – notably – Computers (IT, software, and hardware). Hundreds of new phrases have been extracted from various translation projects done by the compiler.

This dictionary is a work in progress: less than 1/2 of the Technical Dictionary has been processed (manually) to include here because spotting and amending issues requires human labour. New entries are gradually added but without any regularity. As of May 2016, the database contained over 42,000 entries. In July 2017, the number was over 46,000, as of December 2017 – 50,000, and as of mid-January 2019 – 53,895.

Unlike any other online or offline terminological resource, the Asphodel Works Terminological Dictionary allows selective querying of the database, i.e. choosing a specific field to search in; where all glossaries are searched simultaneously, results appear grouped by theme – another feature that no other dictionary has to offer. And more: the user can choose to search for any whole words, all whole words, exact matches, fuzzy matches, or abbreviations. A new feature was recently added that will show the definition for a term in Bulgarian and/or English (whichever is available) on hovering the mouse over the entry, or tapping it – on a mobile device (terms having definitions are marked with an asterisk [*]). That said, this is the only online terminological resource that uses responsive design, i.e. it will resize nicely to fit the user's device screen size, whether a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or a smartphone.

The Asphodel Works Terminological Dictionary is compiled and designed by Stefan Stefanov (Cheeseus), Lecturer in Modern English and Specialised Translation at the English & American Studies Department of St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo.

All rights reserved © 2010 – , Stefan D. Stefanov